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Hi all!

My name is Brock. Mini bio: I spent years in radio broadcasting, but now I teach high school. I am comfy editing audio (Audition, Pro Tools), but have limited experience with Logic and music production. I play Irish stuff mostly.

I'm pricing out a few things here, such as bundles and sampled instruments that will hopefully help with some tunes I'd like to try recording (mostly Irish/East Coast/Newfie style stuff). Now, I know my way around most of the instruments I'll be messing with (mandolin, banjo, guitar, bodhran, etc), but a piano player I am not. But I'd like to be able to "fake" some decent rhythm piano sometimes.

In NI's strummed acoustic, you can set your key and strum pattern, and it'll make chords for you, so you only need to hit one key on the midi controller instead of hitting ALL the notes in that chord. In the double bass sample library I'm eying, you can set patterns within a key for it to follow (like, stay in C, root - 4 - 5 and play only roots and fifths, etc). Some of the packages (Ultimate for example) come with some swanky pianos. Do any of those pianos (Alicia's, Grandeur, Maverick, Gentleman, Noire) have something that can add arpeggios, chords, etc to some one-note plunking on my end? I see that Noire has something called an algorithm that is pretty close to what I'm looking for. And YouTube tells me that the arpeggiator might do this also, but I'm not sure how it "talks" to these pianos.

Not sure if I've made any sense here, sorry about that. I only have logic at the moment, and I'm saving up for one of these bundles. So I'm talking out of my ass really, have yet to see any of this stuff outside of YouTube. Here's hoping someone can offer some insight on how to make a stringed instrument player sound like a somewhat competent piano player :)

Thanks in advance,



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