how to get my sound, expansions, effects from computer to sd card for maschine+ to work?

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ive been reading, watching and trying to get my sounds, expansion, effects etc to work on my sd card so i can use it on the maschine+ tried so many different options. i got to the point where i can play the sample sounds on the maschine+ with some expansions but unfortunately it keeps telling me ''a sample could not be found'' or i can simple not fine what ive put on the card at all. ive put it in the ''user content' folder, did the scan and all the other things just cant get it to work. what am i missing? i would like to have all my effects, sounds etc on the computer to work on the machine+ in standalone mode as well. what am i missing?



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    what am i missing?

    Maybe you're missing a good read of the manual, to realise how the Maschine+ works... 😁

    You can't just copy the NI stuff from your computer to the SD card and have it work on the M+.

    See section 7 of the manual (Working with Maschine+).

    Another thing to bear in mind (if you've not read the Maschine+ product page) is that it can only run a "curated selection" of the NI catalogue.

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    Manual can be found here by the way.

    I also always recommend this article to see what Maschine+ can do with external accessories:

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