Is a Maschine Mk2 an OK adjunct to a Komplete Kontrol S88?

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I've been offered a Mk2 Maschine in perfect nick, and I'm wondering if it would bond usefully with my Mk2 S88? I use Komplete Ultimate, with dozens of other NKS libraries, in Cubase 12 Pro. The S88 is my absolute favourite bit of input kit. But I can see value in running a Maschine alongside it. I don't need an extra audio interface. Plus, I think a lot of the S88's controls would be unnecessarily duplicated in a Mk3 Maschine.

Am I wrong? Any thoughts?


  • Kubrak
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    It depends, if you do not need touch sensitive pads of MK2 (for finger drumming), Maschine Jam might bring you much more value.

    I have S88 Mk1, so do not have relevant experience to your scenario. Beside that I have Mk3, Studio and Jam.

    IMHO, more benefit would bring you Jam or Studio. Also, I expect new NI HW may come within months. Maybe just another iteration. But I dream about some kind of modular stuff, so that one could buy only what he likes and without overlaps in functionality, like S88 Mk2 and Maschine Mk2.

    From Mk2/Mk3, Studio and Jam, Jam brings you the most aditional value. But it does not have touch sensitive pads, if you want them.

  • GentleThud
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    Thanks Kubrak ... really interesting ideas ... and yes, maybe something interesting is incoming. It's just felt like a long time since new gear was launched ... I'd forgotten that was possible. In the meantime, I'll look at the Jam.

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