studio with multiple license for many users, best setup practice?

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I am setting up a studio with a couple of Komplete 14 ultimate for many musicians to use. No it's not a rental studio, it's an organization that have at least 2 licesense of K-14 Ultimate and usually only 2 musicians will use them regularly but sometimes, one may sign out and let another person use the license. So I have 2 questions, 1st is how to setup NI accounts so I can register the 2 licenses? Use 1 account and register both license, or should I sign up 2 accounts and register each license to them? 2nd the best practice to sign out from one computer and let another computer to activate it?


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  • Kubrak
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    You may instal each licence on three computers, in your case (2 licences) you may install it on six computers. Licence is per computer, not per certain user.

    But, only one user may use one of those 3 computers at given time. If you have 2 licences only two people may use K14U plugins simultinously. If you need more people to work at the same time, you need more licences.

  • masu
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    yes I understand the 1 license per active user part, I am more into how to best manage such setup. Would you recommend that 2 licenses registered to the same account and then any 2 users can activate it and use it at the same time? We don't need to switch users often but it's an option that need to be planned ahead. Besides, I still not sure if we should setup 2 NI accounts and register each license to them or use 1 account for all. We will get more NI products down the road so this will get complicated as other license maybe used by other musician... each company has different ways to handle this situation and I am here to ask for the Native Instrument way.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @masu My coilleagues will be happy to answer your questions and give you options:

  • Kubrak
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    I do not know, if it is better/needed to use more accounts in your case. The thing is that if you have everything on one account, everything is accesible/downloadable by Native Access, you may not tell NA, on this PC I want to use only those licences and not others... So, people might install something they should not.

    Better to consult it with NI, like Jeremy has suggested.

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