Crackling when playing Beatport tracks. Soo annoying.

Similar to a past post. I have Windows 10. Ever since I tested Traktor Pro Plus but didn't sign up to it the songs I load from Beatport just crackle / distort and at times the bpm slows significantly. Not all the time. However, if I try to open Firefox everything goes completely distorted. I am so frustrated and annoyed. I even re-downloaded the Traktor software, to no avail.


  • Uwe303
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    what is your exact audio interface setup, what interface and how you've set it up in traktor?

  • 1RobbieC
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    When I choose the audio from the list that's presented I always select the Traktor WASAPI Exclusive option (I think it's called WASAPI, I'm not at home to check it at the mo). Does that help?

  • zephry
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    Are you using a controller?

  • Uwe303
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    Wasapi is not recommend, you need a proper audio interface with an asio driver and we need to know the PC specs. You could try to install asio4all and use this, you can then increase the buffer size in the asio4all settings if necessary until it stops crackling.

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