problems with playlists

Hello, everyone!

I have a long time problem with my playlists. I create several playlists but at some point I see that songs of one playlist have been dubbed into the other and not just one or two but many, playlists are mixing together and I don't know what to do to keep them intact, I clean them manually because so far i didn´find any solution for this problem. May be you can help...


  • Sunborn
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    There is no "solution", you only need to be careful when you drag and drop or rearrange files on playlists... accidentally, you can drop them to another list without even notice it! (especially on laptops, because of the touchpad)... it happened to me too, few times.

    What you can do, is to export those playlists (just the info, not the tracks) and keep them as backup, so anytime this "mixed-up" happens, you simply delete the playlist and re-import it again from your back up 😊

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