Strummed acoustic Defining the Downbeat after Signature Changes

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I have a project in 4/4 with one bar of 2/4 before the bridge, then back to 4/4 for the rest of the song. My strummed acoustic track gets out of sync coming back in to 4/4/. I play a single strum at the 2/4, then strumming pattern at the 4/4

I'm having trouble understand what is meant by " use the global transport offset feature to compensate for a change of signature or bar length during playback" Daw is Logic Pro 10.5.1.

Is this a feature in Strummed acoustic or in Logic? I tried entering CC#111 on the track in Logic, but it doesn't give a defined value, just a line that say n/a that you can move up and down.

I can't find any global feature on strummed acoustic.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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    normally you should leave that automation line at sero on 4/4 beat, and set it to 24 on 2/4 beat. Where have you created that automation lane? You normally should create/open it under the instrument channel but i guess you have done it that way, then it's really strange that you see "n/a" and no value. I'm no Logic user but i could try it with cubase.

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    OK i played a bit with it, not the typical strummed acoustic user i have to admit, have you tried to use the auto chord feature, then under playback set sync to host or to note, just try out the difference, same for latch mode. Maybe then it behaves like you expect it. I don´t know why latch mode does only work for the auto chords but i guess there is a reason.

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