Can I use Maschine Internal Reverb in Logic

Wayne W.
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Please forgive me this is my first time ever posting or asking questions in a forum.

Are the internal reverbs:

Ice, Metaverb, Reflex, Reverb Legacy, and Reverb inside of Maschine Software there own reverbs internally only, or are they different settings of the NI Classic reverbs: RC-24 & RC-48?

How can I use these in Logic Pro?


  • Impermanence
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    You can route audio from Logic to Maschine, make them run through the effects and route back to Logic. A lot of hassle. Not much to gain.

    I don’t see any reason for doing this.

    I don’t know if they are same as RCs under the hood. My strong feeling is that they are not.

    Search posts, articles and youtube about Maschine and Logic routing and integration.

  • Tony Jones
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    I would have said Logic reverbs were a better option in most cases as well

  • Flexi
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    Use the Maschine FX plugin, you will have to set up an input to a sound, then use that sounds FX chain, it has been a while that I have done it, but you may have to set up that sounds output too (but I think it just uses master)

    The Reverb is not RC, from testing it sounds like the Reaktor core reverb, it is slightly metallic but you can age it well, the others are all definitely Reaktor modules remade for Maschine.

    Non are particularly great, but are good enough if you are doing some reverb chain modelling.

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