Not all KK plugs showing in Logic - "Plug In not Found"

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I have a music computer lab with Macs and KK S61 keyboards, and using Logic.

Through an series of events, the computers have been updated to Monterey and the latest version of Logic. I updated everything for NI as well.

Previously I had this situation where trying to use KK as a plug in certain ways would either crash Logic, or put a little grey box in the middle of the screen and the display on the S61 would say something like "busy, see computer" or something of that nature.

Luckily it doesn't seem to be crashing anymore - in fact it looks like it's working perfectly at first - I instantiate KK on a track, click on it to open the panel, and can pick sounds, loops, and one shots. Prism comes up. Monark comes up. But if I pick a preset that's Massive for example, it says it can't find the plug-in.

Likewise, on the S61 itself, I can browse all the synths and presets - and hear a preview for them - but when I try to pick one - Battery, Massive, etc. it'll tell me the plug in is not there.

I've used the plug in manager to rescan, and all the NI stuff shows checkmarks (and Logic did have to "see" 43 vsts as it started up so it looks like everything is there).

I do see Massive and Kontakt, etc. show up on a menu listed under KK - but I don't recall having to pick them separately - I thought they were all accessible through KK - I see them in the window, I see them on the S61 browser, and I can scroll through the sounds and hear the previews. But I can't get to those sounds "within" either an Instance of KK on a track in Logic or from the S61 Browser.

What am I doing wrong?

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    Hey Nico, we have two identical workstations which both had problems, so I assumed the problems were related. It turns out they were different. Once I figured that out I was able to fix both. I actually had to re-install Komplete Kontrol app on one - why it was missing I don't know - and then "repair" Raktor, Kontakt, and Massive. Once I did, things worked fine - almost.

    The other workstation just needed to throw away the preferences and re-scan the library and that one was fine. Almost.

    The only problem with both of them now is that Battery won't work. Everything else works except Battery. This was actually the same problem I had before all the updates - I got everything working, but using KK in certain ways would cause Logic to crash.

    Now I've got everything back, Logic isn't crashing, but Battery still doesn't work on either of them.


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