Traktor Pro 3 cannot detect microphone connected to MacBook M1

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I would like to add mic input to my Traktor Pro 3 / MacBook (M1 chip), but I have a Traktor Z1, which of course does not have a hardware microphone input. I am following this part of the Traktor Pro 3 manual:

"TRAKTOR allows you to integrate a microphone to your TRAKTOR setup. This can either be connected to the microphone input of your computer or the microphone input on your external audio interface."

"Connecting the Microphone to your Audio Interface: Connect your microphone to the microphone input of your computer or the audio interface."

"Configuring the Microphone Input Channel: You can now route the microphone signal from the audio interface to any input channel in the Preferences. In TRAKTOR open the Preferences. Select the Input Routing page. Select the channel from the drop-down menu to which you connected the microphone, for example, Input Aux or Input FX Send (Ext)."

I have connected a microphone to my MacBook and have confirmed that the MacBook sees it and can receive input. I have also granted microphone access to Traktor.

However, Traktor cannot see the microphone. All of the fields in both "Input Aux" and "Input FX Send (Ext)" (as well as the others in that tab) are labeled: "Not connected."

I've tried removing and re-adding the permission in System Preferences. I've tried restarting Traktor Pro 3 after making these changes. I've tried rebooting. Nothing has resolved the issue.

Any suggestions?


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    I guess the problem is that Traktor can only handle one sound interface.

    You can use your Z1 as interface or the internal sound interface. First, try using the onboard sound interface (instead of the Z1) to check if the mic signals comes through. If this works, you can make a aggregated sound interface, this combines the onboard and the Z1 interfaces to one virtual interface, which you can use in Traktor.

    How to set up an aggregated device:

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