Komplete Audio 1 Input vol/gain issue

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I have been using the Komplete audio 1 interface for almost a year now, and this week an issue randomly developed. I have a bass guitar plugged into "IN2" and the LINE/INST toggle set to INST. Now when I plug my bass guitar in as described above, even with the gain set on zero, I can hear my guitar; however, I have to turn the gain up halfway or more before the LEDs begin to light up on the interface, and the sounds becomes distorted/overdriven. It is interesting when i record in a daw software that distorted sound is not transmitted to the recording. So the footage is completely clean. Furthermore, distorted sound can be heard only on the headphones, not on the speakers. And when i turn knob all the way to the host side distorded sound disappears completely and you can only hear a clean guitar sound. I've tried removing the device and drivers and reinstalling, but that has not helped. I tried to replace guitars and headphones but the same didn't help. Strange device behavior... Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    @Inkognito12 You should try the soundcard on another computer, if the same thing happens, then it's a hardware issue and you should get in touch with our hardware department here: https://bit.ly/NISupport_Hardware

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    Jeremy_NI I tried on another computer and the same thing happens. thank you for your help

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    Yeah, i've been running into the same issue, tried the 5.2.2 driver and 5.0.0. Raised a ticket recently so hopefully a solution will be found there. The weird thing is that, the gain level keeps on increasing until it hits 0db (using peak VU meters) as if the gain is auto adjusting and never goes beyond. At 0, the gain is still peaking at -10.1db where if i recall, it should be inaudible, <-70db. This happened once before and briefly when the drivers are uninstalled was it possible to function as it should until the computer restarts and drivers are installed, then the cycle repeats.

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