Is there any real reason to use NA2? Does Komplete 14 will work with old NA1?

Andris Rinkis
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Hey there.

My question is - is there any REAL point why I need to use NA2 instead of old NA1?

Does Komplete 14 not working in NA1 (is it not compatible etc?)

Will all upcoming updates to Kontakt 7 and othere NI products be able to install/update/register etc in Native Access 1?

My point is that now on NA version 2.7.0 I still cant use it normally as NA2 hangs randomly after couple of minutes when I try to install, reinstall or add Kontakt libraries... And after I close it and reopen - it try again install dependencies...

I dont know why such product even exists and is pushed to customers to use it - as it is buggy, messy and super slow program - which feels in not even in Beta but some sort of pre Alpha development stage...


  • JesterMgee
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    Doesn't sound normal, works fine here (and for most people). Might be more useful to post the issues to support with some details to try and get to the bottom of it...

  • Vocalpoint
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    I was like you - trying to hold on to NA1 as long as possible and then last week (for reasons unknown) NA1 started glitching with specific list views (like Installed Products) would not show a list - only Tiles and so on.

    Then Jeremy from NI Support chimed in and commented that NA1 is no longer even being developed. I cannot see any future for NA1 - especially with Komplete 14.

    Unlike you - my NA2 experience was quite good and I am only seeing one minor issue (where NA2 insists on installing the Kontakt 7 Player - regardless of the fact that I have K6 Full already installed) but that is tolerable.

    And now with 2.7.0 - the app finally seems "steady" - at least here on Windows 10 Pro (21H2).

    And yes NA2 has had a truckload of teething issues but it is the way forward - but it will get better and has already come a long way since those first few shaky releases back in the spring.


  • Monochrome
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    Also, there will be a point where NA1 will get automatically updated to NA2. It will not happen soon, but at some time in the far future (probably when NA2 is stable and bug-free enough).

  • BIF
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    So I also have the "freezing during downloads" issue. It first happened with NA1, and it was weird how it happened. I saw the download progress got arrested. Windows 10 would let me move and resize windows on the desktop, but anytime I actually tried to DO SOMETHING such as shut down NA1, open the Start Menu, etc, I would get no response. I couldn't even shut down or recycle Windows and had to force-reset the machine. This happened a few times.

    Then it happened again after I had finally completed my Komplete 14 downloads and shut down NA1. Only this time, the lockups were happening with the Steinberg download assistant!

    I fought through all that and finally got everything installed.

    Weird. This is a new machine with an Intel i9 12900K, but with the original OS imaged to it. The lockups only seem to happen during downloads or at times when the PC is left running but idle.

    I need time to debug this. Or else just reinstall windows from scratch. This copy has been moved from PC to PC now about 3 times, so it might be getting a bit cantankerous in its old age. šŸ˜œ

  • Vocalpoint
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    You should have bit the bullet and installed from scratch - and I mean everything. OS, apps, plugins etc. Cannot imagine the crud and nasties that have come along for the ride in each of those 3 moves. Especially when you get new hardware. Getting the drivers right is critical from the start.

    I have had nothing but 100% success with each custom build of mine since 2002. But each one is a bare metal install from the ground up. This is also why I will never do an in place major Windows version upgrade either (like say Win 10->11). If I ever do move to 11 - it will be installed to a just purchased and freshly installed NVme SSD drive.



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