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s2mk3 knob and fader problem

hi friends. myleft fx knob center is change. and my fader is some times moving alone open volume and close. some times fx knobs turning itself too. i try to change maps but its same. now left shift button not working too

i want to know is there any factory map for s2mk3? maybe it can fix my problem. if any one know how to fix this problem pls help me. i am getting tired from traktor....


  • Fotis Leon
    Fotis Leon Member Posts: 44 Sine


    This looks like a hardware problem if im not mistaken.

    Did you spill any drink or something like that recently?

  • cem1977
    cem1977 Member Posts: 5 Sine

    thank you for answer. no i dont spill any drink on it. it happen 2nd month i start use but that days i dont have time and now i send my pioner to repair and need to use this s2 mk3. and its really making big problem. volume opening cross fader some times moving and left fx knob center moved different place. but i am sure there is not any drink or some thing touch the s2. first i think its hardware problem too but when i change map my problems fixed almost all. and the 2 3 days later it start again. why they not put here original map i dont know.

  • Fotis Leon
    Fotis Leon Member Posts: 44 Sine

    @cem1977 there is no need for mapping, for Traktor controllers. They got their original mappings that working perfectly. Delete any previous mappings and drivers, and reinstall them from here.

    Firmware Updater for Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 1.4.0 Win

    Traktor Kontrol S2 MK3 ASIO Driver 5.2.0 - Win

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