Traktor Pro 3 and Music App

I'm currently running Mojave on my faithful Mac Pro (2009) and iTunes and everything is working perfectly in Traktor Pro. I'm thinking of getting a brand new Mac fairly soon so will obviously have to ditch iTunes and use the Music app. Does Traktor pro work in the same way with the Music app? ie: all my playlists are available within Traktor Pro? I do not stream and all my music is local.

I'm not looking forward to transferring away from iTunes as I've been reading it's not that straightforward unless all of your music is all in the iTunes music folder, which mine are not, and most are on a separate drive scattered around in various folders. I could move the iTunes music folder onto the external drive I guess, but as I say it's all working fine at the moment and I don't really want iTunes/Music app managing my files. I've been building my playlists for many years now too and I would not like to face the prospect of redoing the playlists again or relinking all of the files. It would be good if the Music app would be able to just read where my files currently are and that'd be it but from what I'm reading it can't. Not sure why, surely the file paths are all referenced within the iTunes db?

Incidentally, Apple naming the app 'Music' makes it very difficult to search for any help on this, as a lot of the results are regarding the streaming service of the same name (I know they're kind of the same thing, but all my files are local so I've no interest in anything to do with streaming right now)



  • PK The DJ
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    My immediate thoughts when reading your message is - why involve the Apple software at all?

    If all your music is on your hard drive, you can import it straight to Traktor. No need to involve iTunes/Music.

    Playlists can also be created directly in Traktor, with no need to involve other software/apps.

    You say you don't want the app managing your files, and yet it sounds as if you're still planning to use it (or think you have to).

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