Why did I get this mail from NI to review kontakt 7 ????

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Puzzling how this company works

Do not own Kontakt 7 so why exactly NI ask me to review software I do not own?

I Can however review software I actually own instead!


After my "old" 2012 system died on me I made the switch to MacBook Pro with M1 Pro Processor somewhere "21, because that seemed the only right move at that time.

To find out about 80% of the NI software I yearly updated and paid for as faithful customer did not fly on the new setup.

Many more faithfull customers waiting still! come on guys at Native Instruments seriously ????

When will all NI software I already payed for have native support for my system.




  • Ronny Bangsund
    Ronny Bangsund Member Posts: 71 Helper

    Now I'm worried they've leaked the customer database, because I've never received anything like that from NI.

  • Kubrak
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    You may run NI SW under Rosetta. And NI has released AS native effects. And Kontakt is AS native. So, by now most of NI SW is AS native. Most of the rest in few weeks, Reaktor and Battery in beginning of 1Q23. Absynth - never.

    IMHO, AS transition should be paid upgrade, so you should be happy that it is for free and not to complain that it takes time. NI is not that much behind other big companies making plugins....

    If Rosetta does not work, blame Apple, not NI.

  • Ronny Bangsund
    Ronny Bangsund Member Posts: 71 Helper

    If Apple Silicon updates should be paid, then support for newer operating systems should be too.

  • Matt_NI
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    It was a community newsletter and there is nothing strange about asking community members to share their first impression of Kontakt 7 since you can try the free Kontakt 7 Player.

    Just like it was shared below - Kontakt 6 has been compatible with Apple Silicon for quite some time now and Kontakt 7 is also fully supported on Silicon.

  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 1,086 admin

    We haven't leaked anything, it was a community newsletter. We send one every few weeks to community members with news about what's going on around the forum.

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