Hi Guys - Komplete newbie :)

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Hi Guys,

I'm just about to purchase my first ever Native instruments package and am looking at getting Komplete 13, really want it for massive, FM8 and Absynth.

However I did see a while back that the M1 can be a troublesome in running some software.

At present i'm running Ableton Live with hardware synths such as the Roland 1080 and akai samplers with a few keyboard synths, BUT really want to try out using soft synths.

Question is will my Macbook pro M1 (2021) run these synths?

Thanks in advance, Mark


  • Ronny Bangsund
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    Well, Komplete 14 is the current one, and even though many of the products in K13 are the same and therefore get the upcoming M1 ports, I'd recommend being on the latest for best support, and in case they add anything to the package.

    Everything currently runs, but apart from Guitar Rig, Kontakt and the effects, you need to use Rosetta. I've tested both an an M1 MBP and M1 Max Studio.

  • Kubrak
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    Komplete 14 does not contain Absynth, while Komplete 13 does. But Absynth is discontinued and there will not be AS native port....

  • Nico_NI
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    Hey @Nutec, you can check which products are already compatible with M1 on our dedicated page.

    Feel free to also have a look at our timeline below to know when the next products will be compatible:

    As a friendly advice, I'd recommend you to not update to the upcoming MacOS Ventura too soon 😉

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