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Trying to understand this complex issue.

How to manage older Kotakt Libraries?

This article explains that if you want to add your old libraries to K7 then they need to be converted - one by one is recommended, (note: article is curiously called Batch resave).

However, if you do this, then these converted files no longer work in previous Kontakts.

So, I have old orchestral templates with hundreds, even thousands of old instances of Kontakt in them, I also have libraries going back to Kontakt 1.

Over the years my folders have got into a bit of a mess, due to constant expansion. I sort of know where things are - sort of. I dare not move any folder, or rationalise, for fear of upsetting old projects.

Horns of the Dillema

If I convert any of these libraries for use in K7, then I will have to rebuild all my old templates

If I do not, then I will have to keep old Kontakt engines on my system.

Concerning old NI instrument files

There are some decent older instruments and some are not so decent. However, its not so clear what is new and what is not.

Example: As far as I can see, many but not all of the "Band" instruments, are present in the older versions of Kontakt libraries and sound exactly the same samples but the interfaces are differently presented in K7, making them appear new (not a bad thing)

Alternatively, the very good sounding VSL orchestral library is now replaced with an Orchestral Tools library - also of high standard

It's not very easy to distinguish what is what and these samples are found all over my templates.

I know of no list of the changes

Hmmm, muses....I think I will not convert anything and leave it be?

This issue will effect a lot of users.

Anyone have any better suggestions people?



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