[New release] Expansion: Satin Looks ✨

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From late 80s ballads to soul-searching 90s cuts and new pop frontiers, R&B is the defining force behind emotive, rooted music that always hits the spot.

Satin Looks traces the genre’s evolution until the present day, with vintage synth strings and keys, quintessential chord progressions chopped into versatile kits, funk-tinged guitar licks, and crisp acoustic percussion that blends old-school flavor with contemporary production aesthetics. Whether it’s bittersweet tones or late-night nostalgia that define R&B for you, this is the place to find it.

We sent it to Stefan Guy to see what it can do in the hands of a smooth chord connoisseur. Watch as he explores what’s inside the Expansion, and creates a classic R&B sketch:

We're eager to hear the first beats and pieces coming out of Satin Looks, so feel free to share here 👇👇


  • jacqui brookes
    jacqui brookes Member Posts: 36 Member

    Love it! Thanks

  • komthusr
    komthusr Member Posts: 41 Member

    That's a great sounding demonstration. Thanks.

    DIS-ONE Member Posts: 34 Helper

    I’m Loving this expansion. Really different from all the other expansions for the Maschine. Spent hours on it last night. And haven’t got halfway through the kits yet. Good Stu!!!

  • avensis
    avensis Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Very nice demonstration, I love it!

  • Zolthar
    Zolthar Member Posts: 10 Member

    Nice demo!

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