Didn't receive the email with serials for the extra plugin alliance bundle with K14 ultimate

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Please, let me explain,

I recently purchased komplete 14 ultimate after carefully considering every single instrument and effect included.

Komplete installation with native access was a very good experience although my disappointment started when I tried to test the brainworks plugins included in the Ultimate.

They don't exist in native access but it's also never mention in any of the follow instructions I received. It took me a while to find out in a hidden link that I had to create a plug-in alliance account and add the bouchers I have supposedly received in an email?

I haven't received a boucher for the plugging I'm entitled with ultimate only a couple of get the following plugins cheaper.

I obviously wrote support yesterday but haven't received any answer yet.

It should be clear in all the propaganda and how to's that you need to get the Brainworks plugins in a separate account.

Why I cannot simply see the licenses in the in the my products serials and download section of my ni account?

No one else is having this issue?


  • andreu
    andreu Member Posts: 12 Member

    After writing to support yesterday I just got the missing email with the serials and proper instructions to how to get the plug-in alliance bundle that it's included in komplete 14 ultimate.

    It looks like an isolated case which for some reason I didn't receive the email. It wouldn't been a problem if the serial/boucher was listed in in my ni account as the rest of the products.

    It still took me more than 24 hours to get the plugins I payed for but I understand errors do happen so I edited the title of this post to be less harsh.


  • andreu
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    Plug-in alliance extra plugins ARE NOT NKS.

    That is not clear enough in all the marketing in my opinion.

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