I need some help from the hardware owners here...

Michael O'Hagan
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I need some help from the hardware owners here, I'm working on a new additive synth in reaktor and I created a resonance extraction system where I can run a saw wave through a resonant filter sweep and then convert the resonant sweep into harmonic table data for additive synthesis.

At that point I can subtract the saw wave harmonics from the data stream and be left with an almost pure resonance signal.

I've done this with several soft synths to get different resonant signatures, some of them are incredibly unique and different.

I want to do the same thing with some hardware filter, but I don't own any hardware.

I need an F-1 -23 cents to hit 21.53hz recorded at 44.1khz to get 2048 samples per wave cycle, I need a LP/BP/HP filter sweep that lasts for 11.888 seconds reaching from 30hz up to 8khz across that time to get the best results.

An 8 bar single note of F-1 -23 cents or 21.53hz at 161.5 BPM recorded at 44.1khz comes out to 256 single wave cycles at 2048 samples per cycle, this will yield the best results.

I'd like it if I had 3 for each hardware unit, one at %75 resonance, one at %90 resonance and one at %100 resonance.

Recording at C0 or C1 can work as well but it takes a little more work to get everything just right.

So what hardware do you guys own?

I'd like to get samples of the following synths if I can,


virus A, B, C and TI

Nord Lead 2

various Korg's

Roland stuff

Random modular filters would be great too!

Basically any filter that exists is worth a try, some of these sound really similar when I'm playing the audio recording, but once I turn it into additive harmonic data and remove the saw wave they start to sound really unique and different.

So what have you got?

Who owns what hardware and are you down to help out with this idea?




  • KoaN
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    There's a perfect emulation that exists for the Virus synths.

    They emulated the chip itself running the code.

    Sounds very good.

    You have to search a little bit to find the rom to load into the emu but it shouldn't be very hard.

    I myself did a few wavetables with this.


  • colB
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    Maybe you can hire some of that kit. iirc, that's what Chet did for Serenade, hired a bunch of string instruments for a short time and recorded impulses from them.

    Could also try on KVRaudio forum, or Modwiggler. Sounds like a fair bit of work, and for modular would require tearing down any existing patches on the rack. Maybe offer to pay?

  • Paule
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    As I understand you it works like an Impulse Responds where the shot is substracted from the used signal?

  • Chet Singer
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    I don't have hardware anymore, sorry.

    Colin is right, I've gone to music stores and done 30-day student rentals of various instruments, cello, flute, clarinet, etc. After doing everything on a computer screen it was fun to experience the real thing, even briefly.

    If you live in an urban area, maybe you can find local musicians with the kit you want.

  • Studiowaves
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    Gee Mike, it's good to hear someone is deep into things. Pretty fun isn't it. Winter time is coming up and I think a lot of us make something over the long winter months. Do you have any decent hardware controllers like a breath controller or an 88 note weighted action keyboard or even a midi guitar. In my opinion a waveform is really not much fun if you can't articulate it. A microphone used to get the synth to following your voice is what I always wanted. Unfortunately I can't sing much because I have asthma and start coughing. So I was thinking of getting one of those contact mics that attach to your throat and make a "hum a synth". That would rock!!!

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