Maschine+ cpu with 2 synths at once and FX

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Hi. I’m thinking of getting a maschine+ to play alongside my drum machine. My plan is to use the maschine+ for improvising 1 or 2 synth lines at once, say 2 patterns of Massive and a few Fx. How likely am I to encounter cpu issues with this setup?



  • tribepop
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    It should be just fine. My projects have a drum kit, multiples loops, bunch of fx, and an instance or two of massive or fm8 and I sit around 30-40% with no blips. You should be fine having 2 or 3 instrument VSTs playing with loops and samples. If you start getting clicks and pops, make sure you’re not using any audio modules with “stretch” mode or too many group effects.

    Just remember to resample everything you’re not changing anymore and play it using the sampler or audio modules. One thing to be careful about with audio modules, make sure you’re not using more than one instance of an audio module running in “Stretch” mode because it is really resource intensive. I typically start out in stretch mode and play around with the pitch to find the right settings for the loop then I convert it to a sampler and do time stretching and pitch adjusting through the sampling menu, I can then resample it as an audio module in “re-pitch” mode or play it is a one shot in the sampler. Playing back audio in this way has negligible impact on the CPU.

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    Rest assured, the Maschine + is much more stable than when it started.

    I don't always sample my Massive patterns or others, in order to keep full control over them, and sometimes my projects reach 90% or more, and yet, no crashes or glitches. OK

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