Will everything from native instruments be !Eventually! natively supported for apple silicon (m1) ?

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Hello , i just wondered if the plugins from komplete 13 collectors edition, as well as the maschine mikro and komplete control etc. will be natively running on the m1 chips? or is it only going to take place for komplete 14 and everything from now on .

maybe a stupid question but i wanted to make sure before i upgrade to a mac studio . i am in no hurry whatsoever, just wanted to know if it will happen eventually for everything from native instruments since i did a deep dive into the NI universum in terms of my setup...

kind regards, kolja

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  • Kubrak
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    Most probably everything, but Absynth. Already is finished Komplete 6, Guitar Rig and effects plugins (20+). More should come within few weeks. And Reaktor and Battery in beginning 1Q23.

    Absynth for sure will not be AS ever. Unless miracle happens.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    There is already quite an extended thread on the subject, so I'll close this one and forward you here: Native Instruments Apple Silicon M1 Compatibility

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