Komplete 14 - Kontact 6 AND 7???

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I'm currently downloading Komplete 14 using Native Access.

It's all going really smoothly so far but can I ask why Komplete 14 has a Kontact 6 player?

Knomplete 14 has Kontact 7. Is Kontact 6 player an older version of 7?

Or does it have stuff that isn't included in Kontact 7?

I'm holding off on installing it thinking that Kontact 7 would cover it as it is the more "up to date" component.

Thnx, ste. 😉


  • ShelLuser
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    I'm pretty sure the players did not come with Komplete but with older licenses. Just ignore it, a wee bit of overlap is bound to happen.

    For example:

    Notice the "Expansion selection", and several factory selection libraries? I got a license for Maschine as well as Komplete 13UC so... I don't need any of those due to overlap. Not to mention... there seems to be a Kontakt player in my midst ;)

    I'd just ignore it.

  • ste20man
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    HI Shell.

    thanks so much for the quick reply!

    I am still installing stuff at the mo and came into another possible problem, I'm not sure.

    I was installing Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass and I had Monark in the queue. I went away from my laptop for a minute just when it finished downloading and when I came back I got this (attached). It didn't show Monark in the queue and had Rickenbacker with just the white line below waiting for installation.

    I let it run for an hour hoping that it would pick it up and do what was needed but nothing changed so I went to bed. When I got up this morning it was still the same so I had to close Native Access even though it said it would "lose all downloads" so far.

    When I closed and reopened it I got this second screenshot which shows that both Monark and Rickenbacker have been installed. They show up as greyed out just as they should. The only problem is that until I install my DAW I'm not going to be able to check if they are working.

    Do you think they are working or is it just a case that I'm gonna have to wait and see?

    Also, if there is something wrong with these two components is there something I am going to be able to do when the time comes to fix it?

    Thnx for your time in advance, cheers, ste.

  • Ronny Bangsund
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    Happened to me too. Checked the installation folders, and everything was there. It was two items in my case also, and one had the ISO left behind. The other was deleted as it was supposed to.

  • ste20man
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    Hi Ronny.

    Following what you wrote above I decided to try and find where Scarbee Rickenbacker and Monark might be.

    Using Finder I went: Applications - Native Instruments and got screenshot 1.

    Which seemed to show all the big instruments.

    I recognize (I think) that Rickenbacker is a Kontact library so I double-clicked Kontact and was surprised to get just the documentation and the Kontact app here in 2:

    I was thinking that Kontact would have all of its components in this folder and so as I'm trying to establish if Rickenbacker and Monark I wonder if you can see what I'm doing wrong?

    Thanks for your help, cheers, ste.

  • Ronny Bangsund
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    There's a separate location for all the libraries. You'll find them in /Users/Shared normally. Changing this in Native Access preferences makes all future installations go to your new location, in case you want to use an external drive for libraries.

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