Maschine+ - What is the max speed & max size micro SD card?

Justin J
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I've got 89 addon's and tons of samples. Looking to buy the fastest microSD card that the unit is capable of reading/writing to. Additionally, looking to find out what the maximum size supported is?

Currently have a 128GB card in there now, hoping to upgrade to 512 or 1TB?

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    @Justin J said:

    The link I posted was from NI stating UHS-2 is supposedly supported unless it was a typo on their end?

    It's terrible wording, not sure if a typo because technically a UHS-2 will always be faster than the SD that comes with the unit, or a slow one in general so in that sense, it will be "beneficial" but there's no way a UHS-1 Bus can take advantage of the full speed of a UHS-2 card the same way a USB-3 External drive won't be full speed connected to a USB-2 Port. So, if you go to UHS-2 you will pay a lot more for no reason compared to a high-speed UHS-1 "Extreme Pro".

    The mistake is them associating "UHS-2" with "Extreme Pro" which doesn't make any sense since there are plenty of UHS-1 Extreme Pro cards out there that even advertise a speed higher than its theoretical max.

    In your shoes, I wouldn't be wasting time and would just cancel the order, SD Cards are consumables and therefore not accepted as returns by most vendors... but it's up to you. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    UHS-2 has a second row of Pins, just like USB-3 has more pins than USB-2, that's what allows the newer tech to be so much faster:

    As you can see the M+ does not have the 2nd row of pins to fully support the expensive UHS-2 cards:

    99% sure.


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