Missing Transients with One-Shots in Traktor

Hey there.

I have some issues with traktor an one shot samples.

When i load a one-shot kick sample into a track deck (without sync, keyhold) an press the hotcue-button to start the deck, the impact of the kick is missing.

When i set the kick to a loop an start it (in track deck), also at the first start, the attack of the kick is missing. But when the loop repeats for the first time, the attack transient is there.

The same with the remix decks.

Samples are bounced from ableton with 127 bpm. Traktor analysed them also to 127.

Keyhold is deactivated, and the "sync" of the sample itself is turned of.

when i press the pad at the Kontrol F1, the kick plays without the attack. no matter how often i trigger it with the F1.

Only when i set the sample from oneshot to loop, the behavier is the same like in the track deck. The first attack is missing, and with the first repeat of the loop, the attack of the kick is played.

I'm unsing the step sequencer to trigger my drums.

an so i have to set my samples to one shot and they are triggert ech time "new"

So when i programm a pattern in the step sequencer, the attack of all samples is missing....

No matter if snap or quant is activated or not...

Whats the reason for this?

This makes makes the whole remix decks (stepmodoe) completly useless for me..

Here is a short record of the behavier.

The first kicks are triggert with the f1 (without the attack). And then i set the sample to loop mode. And after the first repeat the attack is thre.


and here is the orginal sample


Thx and sry for my english ;-)


  • MaxPain
    MaxPain Member Posts: 1 Member

    Ok, when i add one millisecond (0,001 sek) silence at the beginnig of each sample, the attack is there.

    But this is absolutly ****** up. I have a really huge sample-library from my producing, and each time i want to grab a sample from my library, i have to coy it in an extra folder an proced it with soundforge...

    Every other daw has no problems with this issue.

  • djadidai
    djadidai Member Posts: 380 Pro

    I’ve exported some files and I noticed similar things. I use logic x. When I zoomed in piano roll, some of the midi notes were a teeny weeny bit too early on the grid, the start, so I had to move the notes and bounce again. See if your kicks are exactly in place on your grid, quantize or whatever… at least that was my issue with some samples.

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