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As far as I explored my new M+, I am not able to search user samples by typing filename.

(And not talking about two-levels user sample subfolders, that's another shamie topic:))

I am the kind of a person with a larger sample library portfolio, including my own designs and recordings. I understand that you wish to push your own expansions to the face of user spotlight, BUT... :)

Anyway I like the M+ mashine very much, it feels very simple, fast and effective.

Love, Lukas



  • ozon
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    Are you aware that you can tag your own sample libraries with vendor (your label), author (you), bank (2 levels), (multiple) category (2 levels) and (multiple) character information?

    IME, that gets me to the desired samples pretty fast without typing anything.

  • hisoul
    hisoul Member Posts: 26 Member
    edited September 2022

    I know about tagging. What system do you use for that? Someting from NI?

    I can imagine that tagging the library in BWF or Soundly can be really time consuming.

    Thank you for the idea.

  • ozon
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    You have to use the Maschine software to tag your samples. Once you get used to it and know the existing tagging scheme NI uses, it’s actually pretty quick. Since terms in the file path to the samples can be searched for, it’s also pretty easy to find and select your samples in the Maschine browser before they are tagged.

    In general, I find it practical to first apply vendor (e.g.„ozon“) and author (my real name), which allows me to already activate a filter on that. The bank and sub-bank are automatically derived from the path to the samples. After applying those in the filter (vendor + bank + sub-bank) it’s quite easy to search for anything in the file name (kick, snare, clap) and apply the corresponding tags.

    For example when preparing kick drum samples from my Elektron Machinedrum, I use standard tags like „Drums/Kick“ and custom tags like „Drum Machines/Elektron Machinedrum“ and apply some standard character like „electronic“, „synthetic“, „distorted“. Those tags get all written into the sample files.

    When the samples then are transferred to the M+, you will see your new tags and samples after scanning the library.

    You need to put in some effort at the beginning, but using the samples is so much more convenient after that.

  • tribepop
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    Yep pretty much what Ozon said. You should also be setting favorites in the browser on the M+. Anytime I add a new sample folder I go through and set favorites so I can find them easier later.

    As a feature request, I would love the ability to have different favorite lists and the ability to mark samples as needing to be deleted so that I don’t have to do it manually in storage mode.

  • hisoul
    hisoul Member Posts: 26 Member

    Ok guys, I get it and learnt the logic. But you know it means lots of extra work spent on importing and tagging, even basically. It's like "ok, I have just spent my 1000usd on M+ and as a reward, I got to take 4 days of unpaid holiday to tag all my footage"..( no, I will add and tag one library after another in small portions). But yeah, after the last single sample is tagged, there are new possibilities of quick and effective file searching. Ddifferent and sometimes even better than oldskool out-dated folder-browsing.

    As feature request, I suggest implementing auto-tagging based on filenames. Because if a wav is named e.g. kick_xx, there is a great chance it really IS a kick, so the system could write the "drum kick" tag automatically, just let user to review that. Most vendors name their samples with the most basic tag-style words and abbreviations, so such feature would save us lots of work-time.

    Thanks guys

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