Kontakt 7 Issues with Live 11.2 WIN 22H2

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+ Kontakt 7 crashes a lot when replacing a library with a another one. It also tends to eventually cause a crash of the entire DAW (Live 11.2) in such case.

(I have got an I7-9700K, RTX 3060 TI and 8X2 GB RAM memory).

+ Choir: Omnia takes a few minutes to fully load. (I am using a brand new 2TB SSD from the nylons). Extremely slow loading times may be an issue in many more libraries, I haven't even tried half of them yet as Kontakt 7 easily crashes.

+ Choir Omnia's title is blurry inside the Library's GUI itself.

+ Kontakt 7 uses way more CPU than Kontakt 6, in an unusual way. 10-15% when playing a single MIDI note, using an I7-9700K.

+ The libraries' GUIs appear smaller than they used to in Kontakt 6. Some icons are barely noticeable due to their size.

It's still day 02 of Kontakt 7, but it is highly unstable, so hopefully urgent patches would be rolled out real soon.




  • Jeremy_NI
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    @aidenstunes Kontakt 7 is probably heavier on the graphics. Have you updated the driver for your graphic card ?

    Can you describe the crashes step by step ? Does the same happens in Kontakt in standalone ? Does it happen 100% of the time, with all libraries ?

    Does Ableton run as administrator ? How to Run a Program as an Administrator

    Is the Choir Omnia GUI blurry in Ableton, in Kontakt in standalone, both ? What are your display settings ? Do you have a HiDPI screen/monitor ? CAn you post a screenshot of this blurry GUI ?

  • aidenstunes
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    First things first, I usually use Kontakt as a VST 3, and I use RTX 3060 TI, nearly on the latest Geforce driver. A new driver has been released 2-3 days ago, I doubt whether updating is going to change anything, but I'll be updating the GPU right now.

    What it takes for Kontakt to crash? Not much.

    Today I tried lighter libraries like the Play Series and they for example, do work perfectly fine. I tend to believe it's Choir Omnia that causes most of the crashes, or sometimes just replacing a library with any other heavy one. I cannot open it most of the time. Kontakt's window immediately turns white (not responding says the title), and then clicking the VST's window makes the DAW crash as well. The library loads itself suspiciously slow (It takes a few minutes! on an SSD!).

    Also, opening any library may *rarely* result in the appearance of a glitchy graphical artifact, like stuttering colors or a frozen picture of grains (Like an old TV white noise). When this happens, the library still opens up and the glitch quickly disappear from the screen, yet it is still not aesthetic and may inform that graphical stability improvement is needed. I wish I could take a screenshot but it would take a while to try and replicate the issue.

    Below I have attached Choir Omnia's logo. As you can see, the text is washed out, especially the light letters. It is highly uncomfortable, feels like I need to see an optometrist. The same happens when running Kontakt as a standalone by the way, so you can't blame it on the DAW.

    Hopefully that helps, and hopefully it all gets fixed soon.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @aidenstunes About the blurry Omnia, I'm afraid this is "normal" and depends on your display settings. FOr the slow loading and frequent crashes, I've created a ticket in our system, contacted you by email and will forward your case to a Kontakt specialist.

  • EvilDragon
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    Please check Options->Engine, how is the multiprocessing option set up?

  • Fifi
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    I have exactly the same problem with Choir Omnia, Noire, Massive X, ... (with RX 6700 XT)

    It makes crash the AMD driver (that makes the screen blinking - if I'm lucky, the DAO survive and I can continue, else the DAO crashes too).

    My guess is, it depends on the frame rate of the screen. For a while I set it to 144hz, and that was terrible (crash every 5 minutes). (At 120hz it still happens but more randomly)

    I don't want to change the frame rate to 60hz while I'm your VSTs on my DAO

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