S8 touchstrip sends endless Midi Data without touching it

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Hi, is there anybody using the S8? Did you ever experience that a Touchstrip is starting to send endless Midi Data without touching it?

If so you may have a solution for that?

Thanks in advance



  • MyStudioOne
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    I assume you mean S88. I would be interested to see if the "Soft Takeover" feature in Kontakt fixes your issue.

    Just put KK into edit mode. Activate browser if you cannot see it. Switch to Automation tab and select Host Automation. Slide offending touch strip and you will see the CC # it is assigned to start flashing red signaling midi transfer. Highlight it with your mouse. Now mouse hover over Soft Takeover at the bottom and you can see what it does. If you think that applies to your situation click it and see if that fixes the problem. I have never used this before myself but this seems to be what it is made for. Good luck!

  • Culiba
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    Thank you, but I meant the Traktor Kontrol S8. I thought this is obvious cause I chose the topic "Traktor Software and Hardware" sorry

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