Export GRID points from one PC to another

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Hello everyone, let's see if you can help me, recently I changed a new computer, I changed the playlist collections ect everything ok, but I had many GRID points and they have not been exported like the Cues points, the most surprising thing is that When the songs are loaded and analyzed for 1 time on the New computer, they appear in preview, and once it is loaded, the Grifs disappear, leaving only the Cues.

I have many GRID points and it is a huge job that I have to do again, if someone could help me I would appreciate it very much, thank you



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    Me pasaba lo mismo y e dado con la solución!!!copia el playlist e insertarlo en tracktor analiza el playlist entero,borra el playlist,cierra traktor ábrelo de nuevo y copia el playlist y listo!!!

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    You would have to copy this folder (C:\Users\username\Documents\Native Instruments) from old pc to new pc. But it would also help if Traktor Pro 3 could write actual BPM (ex. 80.50 or 170.85) to tags and not rounded up or down values like it does now. Any file like this will still need to be fine-tuned in Traktor Pro 3 again. This was and actual request of mine that never got not enough votes 😒. Made the same request to the creator of another program (Helium Music Manager) and it was done in about 2 days, really NI and you can't do this. Now I use that program to write my tags, but Traktor to get the actual BPM and Mixedin Key to get the key and starter cue points. Long process and very time consuming. I wish I could do all this in Traktor alone it would make it much easier.

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