Reaktor 6 help and Ableton Audio and MIDI setting and ableton

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I am new to this and trying find a place to learn this program. I currently have Ableton as well and trying to learn how to put the instruments into the other software... I previous have mac it was so much easier than pc :/

I have a few problems that I needed help! T.T thank you in advance!

1.) When I try to plug my KOMPLETE KONTROL M32 MIDI it shows it on my reaktor 6 Audio and MIDI setting. However I want to turn on the status it will not let me. Instead it is still on the "off" status. How do I turn it on?

About Ableton Plug-ins

2.) So I have some Native access instruments and I have a ton but I do not know how do I process it into my Ableton because when I try to add it there are only VST3 open after I went to preferences --> Plug ins --> VST2 Plugin custom folder--> "click" browse I only see files but no instruments. I do use Kontakt player for some and it works fine.. It just Reaktor 6 so hard to use.

I tried YouTube it and the resources are a bit limited and the problem I have is not in it so. Would be grateful if someone can help me with this! Thank you in advance!!!!


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    Instead it is still on the "off" status

    Please open Reaktor in standalone and set your audio and midi routings as the manual told you

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    Any luck @newwie?

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