KONTROL X1 MK2 Move the Loop by 1-beat step

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i just bought a x1 Mk2 .I use a traktor s4 mk2 and usually i move a loop by 1-beat step by pressing shift + MOVE encoder to achieve that .But x1Mk2 doesnt have this function .I tried to mapping it so I can do it by pressing fx + MOVE encoder but I cant find it assignment table 'Add in' list .Also I dont know the name of this function .Any help? Is there a way to find a list of traktor s4 default assignmet list?


  • Isotoxin
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    With x1 mk2 I'm just minimising loop to 1 beat and scroll it with shift + loop size encoder at the place i need.

  • justeleblanc
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    yes I m doing that when I m still on my headphones.When the loop is ‘on air’ ,you cant do that because you and everybody will hear it

  • Yafrancesco
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    I repurposed the cue button on my x1 to try to replicate the shift-move behavior of the s4. Check out the mapping, maybe it'll help. Basically, regardless of the current move/loop size, pressing cue will switch to 1 beat while its held down. I tried to keep normal cue behavior by pressing shift-cue, but it's buggy. I don't use the cue button tho, ymmv... Not super experienced with the mapping stuff still.

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