Status of S8 / S5 and stems format.

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I've been using an S4 for a while for more casual DJing, but usually go for an Ableton / Push setup for more live performance with my own tracks for flexibility and options.

Looking into a more compact setup for touring I discovered the S8 and stems format would actually be awesome compact rig for producers. I was just about to go buy an S8 only to discover it's been discontinued and the stems format old and forgotten already.

This is such a shame and disheartening to hear. I feel the S8 idea was possibly a bit too soon for the market in 2015, but we're going to see a lot of producers gravitate to this kind of thing going forward.

So what's the general consensus? Will we ever see improvements to the S8 idea? Will the stems format undergo further development?

From my point of view, the one important thing missing from this idea is midi files. If we could have 4 tracks + a master and a midi file, suddenly we can run live synths with the stems.

Most of the Kontrol hardware has midi out, what's it even there for if we can't play midi files?



  • D2Lover
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    If I was in your position i would go ahead and get either a S8 or 2x D2 these were way ahead of the market. Playing with stems is an absolute joy especially if you produce your own material.

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    The S8 is not at all compact, except when compared to the larger standalone kits from Pioneer.

    The S5 is the perfect size... the same as the S4. I hope Native Instruments re-launches the S5.

  • Kubrak
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    I guess if you produce music, stems are usefull. S5, S8 or 2xD2 is the way. But maybe NI will come with something new sooon.

  • TijKez
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    Can anyone thing of a way to play midi files along with the stems, synced? Doesn't seem like there's been development or interest in stems format to request it as a feature (even though it would be quite simple to add it).

    So I guess it would be something using midi transport control from the Midi out from the S8.

    My current live setup is big from all the bits and pieces, but If I could reduce it to just the S8 + 1 synth, I'd be more than happy.

  • Kubrak
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    No, Traktor does not has MIDI transport incorporated. But you could run Maschine 2, or Ableton and use Ableton syns to keep Traktor and Maschine/Ableton/... in sync.

  • TijKez
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    Well If I have to keep Ableton, I may as well keep my Push 2 setup.

    Damn shame, the stems format is open so I could have a go at adding midi. If only there was a way to extend Kontrol Hardware midi functionality to actually spit it out.

  • myalteredsoul
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    With RipX becoming so commonly used in this community, it only seems right for the Stems format to make a comeback in traktor.

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