Sadly I'm done with NI Komplete upgrades for now

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I've been a long-time customer and champion for NI products but can not continue to support these mediocre upgrade packages.I looked over Komplete 14. Filled with Massive patches I can't use. Maschine packs I already own. Izotope and PA plugins I already subscribe to, a Kontact upgrade that I will never use, and a handful of meh sample-based synths. oh. And the demise of Absynth, one of my all-time favorite synths that I still use with some frequency. NI used to be synonymous with inventive and creative synthesizer solutions, Not sample packs and mediocre romplers.



  • Xerophyte
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    PREACH. I posted my own lament of Absynth recently.

  • andalassamXX
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    I understand your mood, man. After new things appear, old instruments may be abandoned. I can only protest by stopping updating or upgrading KOMPLETE. I will continue to use the disused Absynth 5 and Evolve synthesizer. Until they really die (can't be activated).

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