HELP! My traktor (scratch) is practically breaking and shattering all my audio files!!

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I put my audio files in various usb ( mp3 and WAV too )

then i start to djing and there is no problem, when i finish the set i close traktor.

the next day, i open the traktor and i put the same usb, all the files i used yesterday are broken.

some ar broken (with gliches and rare sounds on it), some are practically non existent, some are heard to de middle of the song and then breaks...

i tried a lot of usb and files too, putting new files each time.

i tried to play the files directly from the usb / itunes... , but the broken files are always unrecoverable.

in the settings (on file management), i have on the option (do not write any tags to files)

if someone has any ieda i will appreciate it a lot !! thanks

sorry for my bad english 😑



  • 6xes
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    dont use a USB stick... and test if the same issue comes up with HDD's

    process of elimination to isolate the problem, then you know where the issue is stemming from!!

  • lord-carlos
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    Is it the one USB stick that has the fault?

    Or does that happen with different USB sticks?

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