Lock mode and morphing states in maschine vst and standalone

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having finally messed around with the lock states and the morphing features with the Jam in both the maschine vst and maschine standalone...

is there a page within the maschine software... that gives me extra visual information on how many states i have mapped etc(i know i have that information on the Jam itself) im just curious

also can the lock states be changed outside of the jam??

im trying to gauge whether i can map the lock states to other controllers freeing up the Maschine Jam... perhaps the lock states can be kicked in with the original MK1's or MK2's

anyone got any experience with using lock states and controlling lock states outside of the Jam hardware?

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    Best tip I can give you.

  • 6xes
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    great video resource thanks!!

    i managed to fumble my way through the Locks/Macros functions.. found the necessary functions on my Mk2 and mk1... (Shift+LOCK)

    after getting my head around the lock states and macro pages and how to assign FX parameters... it is a definately a very powerful feature!!

    In fact shaperbox2 was a vst that i wanted to tie in with Maschine...and it bugged no end, not being able to work out how to tie it in with maschine... NOW i see how to integrate it!! *winks

  • Kaldosh
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    Though just so you know if you use the feature, the bummer is that locks variations aautomated in the project are not exported and only works in live situation unfortunately so the only solution to export for mixing would be an audio routing from Maschine to X Daw and record from there in real time.

    I hope someday locks automation will be possible to include in exports

  • 6xes
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    im building up a template in Reaper to cater for the audio routing needed to record Maschine&Traktor&ipad

    all my routing is done with voicemeter potato... which is very versatile for bussing audio around!!

    im suprised more people are not using it with their Daws

    with the ability to buss 4 extra audio sources into Reaper... it allows for great integration!! *winks

    im really pushing my PC to its limits... mind you it does pay to keep ones OS optimised

    some day ill share demo, once im satisfied with the template!

  • Flexi
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    Why are you using that?

    Reaper on PC has Rearoute built in that allows unlimited virtual ASIO sources and channels.

  • 6xes
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    Yes reaper does have Rearoute... however there is many benefits in Voicemeter over Rearoute for bussing audio

    i've used them both and found more performance&versatility using voicemeter potato!!

    Rearoute adds a considerable amount of latency vs Voicemeter

    in fact i have switched rearoute off and use a loopback mode for the purposes of routing between Reaper-projects, the benefit of this is a minimal margin of latency 16samples added apparently when routing between reaper projects

    So when Justin highlights a unique method that is hidden by default as opposed to using Rea-route, there is a underlying issue surrounding Rearoute... and that is latency..


    Again voicemeter is very versatile when setup correctly and used for bussing of Audio,,, its near on the best software out there that can do what it does!! well worth the investment, especially for Audio uses!!

    heres a video i did for showing setup of voicemeter and bussing audio from spotify into Maschine.

    but again bussing of audio is Voicemeters greatest asset, think Traktor/Maschine or other Daws being routed to the audio inputs of Reaper!! This type intergration is overlooked by many!!


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