Traktor slow to analyze tracks

anirvan deva
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Hi there, all of a sudden my software takes ages to analyze a track. I always analyze one track at the time (when I load it) and it has always analyzed it very quickly, so I don't understand why now is sooo slow.

Thanks :)

Op system: windows 8.1 - intel core i5-3230M CPU @2.60GHz

Traktor pro 2 MK2 for TKS8 ( - no updates available atm



  • lord-carlos
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    How fast was it before and how fast is it now?

    You don't analyze before loading the tracks?

  • anirvan deva
    anirvan deva Member Posts: 7 Newcomer
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    Before it was taking max 5 seconds. Now like 10 minutes. It never happened before.

    No, I load the track and it gets analyzed then.

  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,306 admin

    Hi @anirvan deva Does it get better after uninstalling anti-virus programs?

  • zephry
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    Your computer is definitely running an older system with 8.1.

    How often do you clean and optimize it?

    How full is your hard drive?

    The first thing to look at is your Task Manager. In my experience the slow file analysis is typically due to something else running, as Kaiwan said above Anti virus. I only use the Windows Defender for Anti-virus.

    Defragment your drive if it is not an SSD.

    If you are using the same computer for live stream or recording that could also impact it.

    There is a free program called Process Lasso. The paid version has more options than you will ever need. But just running the free version with default settings helps.

    Also depending on how old your computer is, it might be failing somewhere (hard drives do not last forever). If it is full of dust or moisture, or the heat has gotten to it, that can also slow things down.

    Oh and last but not least if you have your music on an external drive that is not SSD or cables or the port is damaged those can cause issue. Or if it needs defragmenting as well.

    Hope something I said helps. Good luck. Computer stuff can be annoying. I feel your pain.

  • anirvan deva
    anirvan deva Member Posts: 7 Newcomer

    Thanks for your messages guys, really appreciate. I have uninstalled the antivirus, restarted the pc and it seems like now Traktor is working as usual. I am analyzing new tracks and it's taking no longer than 10 seconds (as pre-issue).

    Thank you!

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