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Hi to current programmers. I need to add a Portamento (Glide) feature to my virtual synth in Reak

tor. However, I'm unable to figure out how to get it to legato (retrigger of notes are bypass during notes overlapping). Can anyone help in this matter? Macro image is attached to message.



  • ANDREW221231
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    i'm not seeing a gate out anywhere in your picture. typically the gate drives an envelope generator, and a simple implementation of legato would have the envelope only be triggered when the gate goes from 0 to 1, as opposed to every time a 1 is sent. a simple way to do that is a step filter, which will filter subsequent events that have the same value

  • ANDREW221231
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  • ehdyn
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    Check out Monark.. the trimmers panel. Unfortunately many of the functional blocks are locked.. kind of against the ethos of Reaktor but you should still be able to scavenge the parts you need if I remember correctly.

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