Using Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2 with Reason

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Hi. I read that there was an update that allows this keyboard to be used with Reason which is not fully supported like Cubase for example. I ran across this possible fix and was wondering if anyone else here used the files and have the transport buttons working for Reason?

If this is not legit, will Native Instruments finally give us support for Reason which is still a popular and great DAW? Thank you.



  • JesterMgee
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    It usually comes down to what/how a DAW allows hardware to integrate if it is possible to add DAW support. The MK2 supports a generic MCU mode so you can use it on any software that supports an MCU device, which should be all of them.

  • Mistro
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    I actually got it working in Reason thanks to Reason support helping me understand how to do it. Basically I had to manually select Manufacture-"Mackie" Model-"control" and set both input and output to Komplete Kontrol DAW. I'm all set.

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    Thank you, Mister.

    I also couldn't get my A49 to work in Reason and I did what you recommended and now it works

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    Hi, Old topic but does the MTU feature allow all the buttons around the transport control to function in reason. When was MTU added to Native instruments MK2 keyboards, was this an official addition?

    Thanks, Dan
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