Feature request - Compressor - Gate, for the big Mixer FX rotary buttons

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I'd like a compressor-gate for the Mixer FX.

This effect would have both aesthetic and practical purpose, so for the new kids and the old pros alike.

When you turn the knob to the left, the sound thins out. Reverb and sound-tails decrease, then as you progress the sound gets choppy as everything except transients fades out, and finally it mixes out completely when you reach the left edge.

You do this with a combination of a Transient Shaper, a well-tuned Gate, some curves, maybe a dash of Envelope Follower-to-volume.

What for?

For aesthetic purposes: The transient/gate thing is a nice alternative to eq/filter-mixing out a track. you can fade out the melodic content, leave the rhythmic content. You can do this already with a beat slicer-type-effect, but this type of effect sounds natural.

For practical purposes: Transient/gate can make an over-compressed track sound a bit more bareable. The same with music that's a bit too drenched in reverb.

When you turn the knob to the right, a macro will make the sound louder, with some kind of compressor/limiter/maximizer hybrid.

What for?

For aesthetic purposes: Pumping up a track before a drop can rile up the crowd, and using a compression type thing is safer for the ears.

For practical purposes: The compressor helps with those tracks that will sound too quiet until they are too loud. It's especially helpful in early gigs, when the soundsystem isn't acting as your limiter. When you're playing at medium volume, you can really hear the difference in loudness contrast, and you're better off with specific tools for that.

And specifically it deals with those edits that are great but the kick drum is just a smidge too dominant.


It is a swiss-army-knife type of effect. And it would be comprised of things already in the NI toolchest, although iZotope tech would probably make it even better.

There was a similar thing on the flagship mixer of that big P company, a couple of generations back. I would compliment my S4 by running it through the house mixer, with that particular effect always on, so I could adjust loudness and transients. I wouldn't adjust transients all that much, but the loudness fix was a lifesaver.

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