What exactly is soundwide (by future music magazine)

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I want to share this interesting article with the community. It doesn’t talk about the lay off drama but brings a big picture that maybe will give some hope for those still believing.

It’s also my last post (sorry if I left something to answer anywhere and I hope nobody feels bad…) but I wanted to leave the community a few times and today is the day. I have no notifications actives (my mistake last time) so I will just not seen any reply so no engage neither :)

Hope future brings all of you what you need even if it’s not what you want or expect.

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    However, since this article was published...

    Soundwide Chief Technology Officer Jonathan Bailey (from iZotope), has left.

    And he was a visionary that had given me hope for Soundwide.

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    The exit of key technical visionaries from Soundwide (those formerly at izotope) is VERY discouraging.

    Soundwide had/has two components that brought to the table strengths in signal processing...iZotope and Plugin Alliance. These two companies have a VERY different design philosophy. PA looks backwards, while iZotope looks forward..

    If Soundwide leans towards the PA vision of signal processing, it is a very sad thing for the future of their tools in development.

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    @nightjar What do you mean by PA looking backwards? 🥺

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    Nearly every product offered by PA is based on emulating hardware... hardware that is/was inherently limited in the design of user experience by the dictates of physical objects and spatial needs.

    Alternatively, iZotope products approach the design of user experience without these dictates. Instead offering parameter controls coupled with visual feedback that offers much greater analytical consideration and intent,

    Huge philosophical difference in designing tools used in the quest to make better music and audio.

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