Proper way to save Battery 4.2 kits so they reload without asking for missing samples?

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I've just built a new Windows 11 System with Cubase Pro 12

I have a new samples drive and i did a huge cull and clean up and re organisation of all the folders etc, many years of sample folders.

Every Cubase session i open Battery 4.2 throws up the missing samples box when i click to open the Battery GUI, so i point it to the folders where the samples are, then save that as a new kit with "patch+samples" option to my Documents Folder. All is well, get to work. Annoyingly, i'll open up the Battery GUI and it asks me yet again to find the samples, even though i've already told it where they are, and the samples are all playing back fine, all cells loaded and playing.

The missing samples dialog still references the old path even tho i pointed it to the new one in the previous step then saved it as a new kit. Battery is not saving the new path in the kit metadata when saving it. Am I doing it wrong, or is there a simple fix for this? I'm using my user documents folder so no permissions issues. I'm spending so much time in each of my sessions fixing this issue over and over.

I trashed the Battery 4 folder in %appdata% which the plugin rebuilds on relaunch, but it has not solved the issue!

Thanks in Advance!


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  • Sunborn
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    You got it all wrong... What you are doing, if i understood correctly, is that you are saving Kit-1 as Kit-1A (for example), but when you re-open the kit, you reopen again the old one Kit-1 and not the new Kit-1A! 😋

    First: You do not need a new kit, just overwrite the old one.

    Second: Do it through Battery stand alone, not through Cubase!

    Third: When done, you have to re-save your Cubase project as well, otherwise next time you open it, the wrong kit with the missing samples will be still there!

  • Rexxyboy
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    Thanks Sunborn. I always overwrite the existing kit, i'm not changing the name. I tried your suggestion to do it standalone, but that didn't help. No matter what i do do in Cubase it still pops up the missing samples dialog which is showing the old paths, and not the new paths which i had set previously and saved to the same kit.

    Ive even trid hitting abort on the mnissing dialiog box, then from the recent menu in battery i load that kit fresh, all is fine, re-save the kit, keep working, save Cubase, Quit. Re-launch Cubase, click battery and says missing samples. Rinse, repeat. At the core of it it seems that Battery is not writing the new paths back to the kit metadata (file). I could potentially manually rebuild all my kits, but i'm working on dozens of sessions, so it would take way longer that way.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Rexxyboy @Sunborn There is a known issue with Battery 4.2.0, we made a knowledge base article about it:

    I Can't Relocate Missing Samples in BATTERY 4.2.0

    It will still take some time though, we're really sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Rexxyboy
    Rexxyboy Member Posts: 11 Member

    Ah, no probs Jeremy, thanks. I'll loop in for a read.



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