Are all Native Instruments plugin NKS compatibles? Missing NI product in Komplete Kontrol

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I bought the NI Komplete 13 some time ago. So far I'm very happy with it, but I assumed all NI products would be NKS compatible, but it seems to not be the case.

There is a web page that list oll NKS compatible product, but it's just for third parties brand, not NI. I can't find a list of all NI products that are NKS compatible...

So far, I'm surprised to see that instruments such as Scarbee Mark B, West Africa, Rickenbacker Bass, Cuba, Butch Vig Drums, etc don't seem to be NKS compatible, because I can't find them when I brouse with my Komplete Kontrol s61.

Is there something I'm missing, or is it a normal thing?

Thanks for your help.


  • JesterMgee
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    Must be missing something. All content from NI is NKS and what you mention appears in the browser on this end (well all that I have installed) for instance:

  • barbatruc
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    Ok that's actually a good news, but it means something is wrong with my NI plugins...

    I have NI Komplete 13, and when I scroll my Kontakt instruments, I can see Cuba, Butch Vig Drums, Cloud Supply etc, but when I search for them in Komplete Kontrol, they are not there, whether I search them on the plugin or direclty on my Komplete Kontrol s61.

    I must say that I ran Komplete Kontrol software standalone again to be sure all my VSTs are loaded, and I did not find the missing VSTs in the standalone version of Komplete Kontrol neither, and I also checked on Native Access if all of them were installed and updated. Not sure what I can do.

    I checked if I had a similar issue with Maschine standalone software, and it appears I kind of do. Basically, some plugins that are missing from Komplete Kontrol are there (Cuba is, for example), but others are not (Butch Vig Drums is nowhere to be foud in Maschine either).

    I took some screenshots and photos so you can see the proble more clearly.

    If any of you have an idea what the problem comes from, please tell me.

    Do Native Instrument's staff check these threads or should I contact the NI's customer service directly?

  • Brad Yost
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    Komplete Kontrol has a database of VSTs & libraries that may need to be examined and/or refreshed in the preferences options page.

    Same thing in Kontakt for libraries.

    They may need to be renamed *.old and rebuilt.

    Check in the KnowledgeBase for articles.

  • barbatruc
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    I tried a lot of different stuff: re-installed plugins, scan plugins again in Komplete Kontrol standalone software, manually suppress and re-install plugins, etc. Nothing works.

    I tried to look for a solution in the KnowledgeBase but did not find anything specific. I am not even sure what's the problem exaclty and why it does not work directly like it's supposed to. There are so many instruments, effects etc in Komplete that I find it very annoying to double check every instrument one by one on both Komplete Kontrol, Maschine, my DAW and Kontakt to ensure that all of them are actually available. I mean, if it's not, I may never know and not use an instrument that could have been useful and that I actually own. That's frustrating...

    I think I'll contact NI's support at this point... Thanks for your help anyway :)

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @barbatruc You should reset the Komplete Kontrol's database by deleting this folder:

    Mac HD > Users > Username > Library > Application Support > Native Instruments > Komplete Kontrol

    Note: the User Library folder is hidden. To access it, click on Go in the menu bar and press down the Alt key. You'll now find the Library entry in the menu:

  • barbatruc
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    I did it (two times) and it kinda worked for some instruments, but I still have three instruments that did not load (Scarbee A-200, Scarbee Clavinet Pianet, Scarbee Mark I).

    I also did it for Maschine, as I had the same problem with my Maschine MK3 and standalone, and the exact same instruments are missing. I guess it's not that bad but still, I'd like to make them work. I tried to delete them everywhere on my mac (all the locations I could find a trace of them) and reinstalled them, but it did not change anything.

    Is there a way to properly uninstall an instrument, from Native Access for example?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @barbatruc These 4 libraries are now part of the Scarbee Vintage Keys library:

    You should find an entry in Komplete Kontrol and in Maschine.

  • barbatruc
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    Yeah I saw they were together in one folder when I tried to uninstall them but I don’t have any Vintage Keys entry in Maschine or Komplete Kontrol unfortunately.

    Can you confirm me there’s no way to uninstall an instrument other than trying to find any occurrence of the VST in your computer and just erase them? Because I think maybe if I uninstalled the missing instruments and installed them again, it might help.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Are you sure ? As you can see on my screenshot, the alphabetical order is not really respected, The Scarbee part of the name is ommitted here.

    Check in Native Access. If there is a Scarbee Vintage Keys then you simply need to reinstall the library.

  • barbatruc
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    Sorry I did not find any time to respond before the week-end.

    Yeah I'm sure they do not appear in Komplete Kontrol or Maschine browser. When I check on Native Access, I can see Scarbee Mark I, Scarbee A-200 and Scarbee Clavinet Pianet as separated instruments but no Vintage Keys nowhere. Is it where the problem comes from?

    I tried to reset the Komplete Kontrol's database completely once again, but the 3 same instruments are still missing... What do you mean by "reinstall the library"? If you mean reinstalling it using Native Access, I did that several times but it just do not help. Keep in mind that the 3 instruments are available in Kontakt, just not in Komplete Kontrol browser, for some reason.

    But as I said, the Vintage Keys instruments does not appear in Native Access, I just have the 3 instruments separately instead. I think this may be the reason of my problem...

    I contacted the support service but for the moment, I've been advised to do the exact same thing I already did, which is reseting the Komplete Kontrol's database.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @barbatruc Ok, you should get back to my colleagues then, explaining the Vintage Keys library is not showing in Native Access. Maybe send a screenshot of Native Access showing it's absence.

  • barbatruc
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    Thank you for your help, that's what I'll do then.

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