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Aquarobotics Member Posts: 14 Helper

I wish each track had its own playlist. I imagine a button that links two playing tracks - and then each track is added to the other's playlist. These playlists would form a mix matrix of tried and true mixes that you've personally done and don't ever want to forget.

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  • Sacco Naz
    Sacco Naz Member Posts: 125 Advisor

    Yeah That's a good idea.. .I think of it as "nesting" tracks... You could nest tracks together that you want to play together... click on it and all the tracks you need in there show up... that way you wouldn't have to fill up a playlist and then remember which tracks go together... is this what you are thinking?

  • Aquarobotics
    Aquarobotics Member Posts: 14 Helper

    Yeah. I think if they implemented this there would be a quantifiably noticeable improvement in DJing worldwide. lol Seriously, though - people use all kinds of other methods and workarounds but this is really the way a DJ playlist should be. It would just get better and better as you build the playlists out.

  • DJ Hello Joey
    DJ Hello Joey Member Posts: 2 Member

    Dope idea!

  • J-New
    J-New Member Posts: 22 Member

    Yes, I saw a similar idea to this on another DJ software. I'd love for Traktor to get this!! Usually I mix tracks using a little music theory Root Note to 3rd or a 5th if I want to take energy up. Also just to keep a vibe going it would be nice to have a little "nest" of go to tracks as Sacco Naz stated.

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