VARIATION the GATE (lenght) ???

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 GATE (lenght)  is a very importartend paramater in "dance" music!

I know "Tracks" / Lines ... where this PARAMETER made the difference...

I WANT in so called "Variation" also this "destination" and i waNT "Midi-Fx... which does such stunts in a "pattern"-or random way... without the REST of the "Variation" for first INSPIRATION... I want STRUM, Gate-Lenght Velocity-shifter(/velocity STRAIHT-CUrve... / micro-Nudge, 16 to whatever... Opertaors (like in BWS)... I WANT AUTOMATION_Tools sine/saw/pulse... I want a DIFFERENCT GRID for Automation/Midi...

WHATS so DIFFICAULT.... to implement such OLD-DAW-midi-fx/Tools inside Maschine????


  • ozon
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    Maschine is not a DAW.

    It’s a groove box and sampler, implemented as software running on a PC instead of an embedded system. Isn’t it great what you can do with it, once you realize its provenance?

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