Does a full SD-card influence the performance of Maschine+ ?

Gerhard Member Posts: 8 Sine

Is it a good idea to leave some space on my internal SD-card? Or doesn't it impact the performance of Maschine+ ?

And if I would swap my 64GB card for a 128GB card, can I then easily copy the folder structure to my 128GB? This would really speed up the installation process.



  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI BerlinAdministrator Posts: 967 admin

    I would say always let a decent amount of storage available for general better performance on any device.

    Nowadays price of SD cards is really cheap, so I would go for 128 GB.

    You can read more info on storage and accessories for Maschine+ on our blog:

    Regarding copying the files to the new SD card I'm not sure, you may have to reinstall manually the plugins on your old SD card. Any clue @D-One ?

  • ozon
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    All installable content (Synths, Effects, Libraries and Expansions) cannot be copied over to the new SD card.

    You should copy the content of the directories which contain your own creations:

    • Maschine 2
    • User Content

    BTW, if you love Expansions, I’d go for 256 GB.

  • Gerhard
    Gerhard Member Posts: 8 Sine

    Thank you, that's really helpful!

  • iNate
    iNate United States of AmericaMember Posts: 38 Sine
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    Honestly, I'm shocked NI has people relying on SD Cards in a $1,300 machine when they could have put an M.2 port (which can be SATA3, as well) for storage expansion.

    Heavily used SD Cards are very volatile, and I've had tons go bad.

    There is a reason why photographers go through SD Cards super quick.

    I would never want to depend on Thumb Drives or SD Cards. They are not reliable (and slow).

    I don't think it being full will be a huge issue. It's more about how heavily the SD Card is used. Read and Written, because they actually heat up under sustained use and are not nearly as hardy as NAND or SSD storage.


    In any case...

    Get the fastest SD Card you can afford, at a decent capacity (256-512GB). And, if possible, get one of the high durability SD Cards. The type that are designed to deal with high sustained temperatures, etc.

    Going for the most budget cards is a recipe for data loss. Once these go bad, good luck recovering anything.

    The same applies to thumb drives.

  • Gerhard
    Gerhard Member Posts: 8 Sine

    Thank you @iNate, that's really helpful!

  • Gerhard
    Gerhard Member Posts: 8 Sine

    And does it matter if it's a 'micro' SD or regular size? (SanDisk Extreme Pro)

  • ozon
    ozon SwitzerlandMember Posts: 605 Saw

    Regular size is preferable to avoid any issues with the adapter.

  • Gerhard
    Gerhard Member Posts: 8 Sine

    Thank you @ozon!

  • Flexi
    Flexi Member Posts: 219 Saw

    I wouldn't worry too much about sustained over use, Maschine loads near enough everything to RAM.

    Just buy a fast known brand.

  • iNate
    iNate United States of AmericaMember Posts: 38 Sine

    Use a regular size card always. Not the microSD that goes into an adapter.

    Just increases components that can be problematic. The adapter can have issues as well, or you can have issues due to a card not being inserted all the way into the adapter. The card can get pulled from the adapter and get lose or damaged, etc.

    Just not worth it.

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