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Just got my Maschine + and downloaded NI Access to my computer. All plug-ins dowloaded to NI Access fine But Only six Plug-ins dowloaded to my Maschine +, yet the Maschine + System Library says "All your products are installed"

I just bought NI Guitar Mint Full Version and it is only availiable to download to my computer not in my Maschine + Library. Why??

Massive, FM8, Guitar Rig, Reaktor, Kontakt, others and my new Guitar Mint Full vers are not availible to my Maschine + even though Maschine + is logged into my NI account. Help Please, What am I missing? I want to buy more PLUG-ins but this is a many problem if the promised Plug-ins can not download to my "STAND ALONE."


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    Electric Mint is never going to work with the M+ in standalone mode, nor will Play series instruments, Session series, most Kontakt-based instruments (especially non-NI ones), some Reaktor ensembles and most third-party VSTs. Only M+'s built-in plugins, ones that are specifically advertised and shown to be compatible like Monark, FM8, Massive (but not Massive X), etc. and almost all the expansion packs (except one) are available in standalone mode.

    That said, almost everything works great when the M+ is used tethered by a single USB cable (and without even needing the M+ AC adapter) in controller mode while connected to a computer.

    I know it's in a bit of an adjustment to realize all this after purchase, but if you're like me once you get over the initial misunderstanding you'll find that it's still a fantastic piece of equipment. You just have to understand when to use it untethered as a standalone piece of gear and when it's worth connecting to a laptop for more advanced stuff.

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    Yes, only a limited of instruments are available on Maschine Plus, you can find a list in the FAQ:

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