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Make time for whatever it is you're creating. I usually just go, okay i'm going to just be in my zone for the next ten minutes and that makes for a great starter. Sometimes it's a sound i hear like a busy station or the sound of raindrops on marble. I also admire that music can be more than just sound like John Cage said "It doesn't have to mean anything" but then there's a part of me that cares what chord progression i'm going to play and how that's gonna work with the drums to the point where I have learned to take time to think about what this music means and what it will mean to the listener. If you really care about whatever it is you're working on then learn to forget everything else and work on music for the next ten minutes or so on. Those ten minutes will matter. Trust.



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    Wise and inspiring, thank you for sharing 🙌

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    This is just good advice on practicing mindfulness in general. I remember someone telling me that you expend so much energy when you’re daydreaming or planning out stuff in your head that it can actually take a toll after a while.

    For example, I used to spend my time in the morning shower daydreaming or thinking about what I was going to do that day and what conversations I needed to have, etc. but instead I now try to just be present in the moment and only think about what I’m doing at that exact moment e.g. focusing on taking a shower and nothing else. I’ve found that doing this with things like driving or walking has also helped me concentrate more and for longer periods of time later on in my day when I actually need it. Don’t put yourself on autopilot for long periods of time!

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    I have a great tip for faster mixing! (it saved me an hour of unnecessary mastering)

    Use the dynamic or compression plugin for your master chain, and make sure that you can hear the compressed and raw signal at the same time (I recommend KiloHearts Dynamics and ST supercharger).

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