MK3 - osx 1015.... Dont get HEADPhone out!

strg+v Member Posts: 60 Member

What do i wrong???

Maybe its my headphone (it works via 3,5mm , but i need an adapter to get it "big jack"... However this HEAD and this Adapter is corectlly put into MK3 and BOOTH work normally!!!

Thats my settings, maybe i am blind?



  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI Administrator Posts: 1,130 admin

    Hey jaY_nBW, could you be clearer on what the issue is please?

  • J.Hill
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    So if you're trying to get audio straight from the MK3, you will need to go to Preferences-Audio-then click on the drop down for the device and choose Maschine MK3 (device has to be plugged in). Now you'll get the audio straight from the device instead of the laptop/desktop. To control the volume of what you're listening to, there's a knob right next to the jack that reads "Phones Volume"

  • strg+v
    strg+v Member Posts: 60 Member

    Nope, it was the wrong setting in the MASCHINE-Audio-prefernce itself -- "Built IN" is meaning the computer-audio, the right setting for Device is MaschineMK3 ;-)

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