Differentiate Initializations caused by Ens Load and usual Inits by turning Audio Off/On

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Hi all,

the topic says it all.

How can Initializations by Ens Load and Initializations by restarting Reaktor Audio (turning Off/On) beeing separated?

An ideas?

I think it must be a module or a variable (respectively Outport) in such a module that is usually init solid, but clears it´s internal state when closing the ensemble.


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    Ok, this is one solution using the Tapedeck Module:

    Ens attched

    EDIT, Short explanation:

    Idea: A Tapedeck with option "keep audio only in memory" would loose it´s memory when closing the Ens but not at Init.

    At Init (whichever), the length of the sample data in Tapedeck is checked. If it is 0, Init is definetely caused by loading an Ensemble because the Tapedeck is empty. If it is greater 0, Init is caused by a Reaktor Audio Restart, because the Tapedeck contains Audio data.

    Audio data is written to the Tapedeck at Ens Load (because len=0) for a minimum time (1 sample, the resulting 2 sample length might be due to Tapedeck interpolation)

    The 1 sample Single Delay post the Init Bang seems to be needed due to the TD not allowing recording starts in the Init and first post init phase (Order 2, 3, ...), i guess.

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    Just to add:

    This macro puts out the answer 2 samples post init. So it can´t be embedded into the global synchronous initialization step and it´s targets must be aligned to it.

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    This solution, using the Event Table, is so much smarter:

    It uses less resources and it fires at the synchronous init step :-)

    The event table gives out a 0 if you loaded the ens and it gives out a 1 if you restartet the Reaktor audio engine.

    Re-initializations on ens load forced by switches, lists, etc. do not trigger the ET to fire a second time :-)

    I like this one...

    PS: it also gives out a 1 if a Sample Rate change occured. And it sometimes gives out a 1 at Voice Number change. But this is another topic that i should grab up in the R6 Initialization Info thread again...

    Here the Module for you:

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