Thunder style sound with Massive

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I found some presets in Massive that is close to thunder, is there any of you experts who can recomend good presets that sounds this way and also, how can I further improve them?



  • Nico_NI
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    Hey @rolnor, I'm curious about the presets you found, would you be able to share the names?

    I'll have a look and check if I find similar ones ⚡️

  • Paule
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    I'm also interessed in Nature Sounds.

  • wayfinder
    wayfinder Member Posts: 181 Pro

    Here's a thunder I made. Have fun with it! :) Macro 1 dials in how far away the clouds collide

  • Big Gnome
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    The noise oscillator is your friend here, as with most thunder/wind/surf/misc. nature effects; but Massive's PCM-based palette of noises makes it unusually well suited to these sorts of sounds. Here's a patch I made based on this a number of years back for a theater piece I got hired to sound design for one scene where a house collapses (not quite thunder per se, but it may fit the bill)--

    Case in point, this uses the 'paper crumpling' noise table playing at a reduced rate with a bit of clipping distortion into the Scream filter, which adds its own "hair"; and topped off with a little more distortion and a tiny amount of chorus, mostly there for stereo breadth.

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